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Cara Harrington  loves all things missions.   Serving as an elementary teacher helped prepare her for 13 years as a Minister of Missions and Children.  That in turn has led to her obeying when God said, “Just Jump!”   She desires to help others discover their part in God's plan and  to connect people together for Kingdom work.  In addition to serving locally, she has missions experience in California, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, Wyoming, Canada, Ecuador, Ethiopia, France, India, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, and Thailand.  She has found herself falling in love with God's people (especially the children) everywhere she has traveled.  She graduated from Missouri Western State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education.  She earned a Master's degree in Ministry Leadership and graduated from Rockbridge Seminary in 2011.  Cara is excited to see how God is going to write this next adventure.




Just Jump Ministries, Inc. has a Board of Directors who are actively "just jumping"!  Current members represent 6 churches, 4 denominations, and 3 different states!  (We're thankful for technology that allows for this to happen!)  Members of the Just Jump Ministries, Inc. Board are: Amy Tilley, Rev. Bob Phillips, Cara Harrington, Cindy Decker, David Lake,  Dr. Drew Hill , Jeff Tilley, Kim Preuitt, and Shirley Morley.